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Redneck Tech Field Production/Editing Class (4 Days)

Redneck Tech Field Production/Editing Class (4 Days)

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This is the big class. We cover just about everything in a completely action packed 4 days here in Dahlonega.

Schedule and Class info:

Wednesday August 3rd:

Arrive afternoon/Evening

Go over Questions and Class Room style stuff

Getting to know everyone.

Giving out Tasks and Jobs

Primer Curriculum (3 phases of learning curated by us)

Thursday and Friday

  • Getting shots
    • How to get the most out of your lens
    • Tracking
    • Rule of thirds
    • Foreground and background
  • Treestand Setups
  • Ground Blind set ups
  • Spot and Stalk 
  • Audio
  • Sequencing exercise
    • Walking to hunt with 5 shots
      • At least one W-M-T
  • Set up Interviews
  • Pre-Production
  • Shoot a full video as a 2 man team
    • Savage Video
    • RTP Video
    • Personal Video
    • Other product video
    • Narrative video

Skill Levels

    • Beginners (30 Second Product, No requirements) with 5 images
    • Intermediate (1:00 video with Storyline) with 5 images
    • Advanced (1:00 no direction, but needs interviews or in field dialogue) with 5 images

Sat and Sun:


Post Production on your video.

We walk you through the Post Production process to get the most out of your video.

  1. Music Selection
  2. Scene breakdown
  3. Audio Smoothing
  4. Creative cuts
  5. Transitions
  6. Editing to music 
  7. Etc.

Subjects to cover:

  1. Exposure
    1. Iris
    2. Shutter 
    3. Gain/ISO 
    4. ND filters and polarizers 
  2. Framing 
    1. Rule of thirds
    2. What framing can do to the subconscious
    3. Headroom 
    4. Leading and trailing 
  3. Peaking 
  4. Zebras
  5. Dialogue 
    1. How to shoot it
    2. What to shoot
  6. Audio
  7. Storylines
  8. Storyboards 
  9. Pre-Production
  10. Post Production
    1. Ingesting footage
    2. Laying out timeline
    3. Finding music 
    4. Rough cutting 
    5. Building scenes 
    6. Editing to music 
    7. Pacing
    8. Exporting 
  11. Creativity 
  12. Content languages
  13. Interviews 
  14. Lighting
  15. Coaching 
  16. Communication 
  17. Personalities and people

Class Notes:

Hey guys, wanted to give you some notes and details on the class. Its going to be August 3-7 here in Dahlonega, GA at our offices or if enough guys sign up we are going to find a bigger venue here in town. Arrive whenever you want on the afternoon of the 3rd, that day will be dedicated for everyone to arrive and get to know one another as well as Q&A so I can narrow the scope of the class. The next 2 days we will get started around 8:00am and it will be a full day of hands on material from Interviews set ups, lighting, audio, in field production, how to produce talking, etc etc. The rest of the time will be an in depth editing session where we will break up into groups and edit some stuff we have shot or something you bring to us.

Where to stay: Ill get with you on this but more than likely a hotel around Dahlonega or Dawsonville, GA

What to bring: Anything you want to learn how to use or have questions about.

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