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  • Justin Grose | Summer 2020 Class

    Redneck Tech is the GO-TO place for all your chalupa needs this side of the Appalachian Mountains, I guarantee it, highly recommended.  While you’re chowing down on their famous chalupas, one can listen to their backlog of their critically-acclaimed podcast, Redneck Tech Podcast or attend one of their superb video editing or production classes they hold regularly.  Whether you’re training for the next Extreme Eating Challenge, learning the basics of video production, or aspiring to be the next Marty Stoufer, Redneck Tech is the place to be.  I’ve also heard of a rumor that there is a secret place on Mike’s Archery website to enter the code “REDNECK10” on check out and you will get a special deal at no extra cost to you!  Anywho, tell the owner Caleb I said hi when you stop by at one of their incredible classes, and don’t forget to grab a handful of their complimentary Chick-fil-A sauce packets when you arrive.  Happy Shooting!

  • Ernie Edwards | Florida

    My name is Ernie Edwards and I am from St. Augustine, Florida. I love trying to capture my outdoor experiences on camera for everyone to see.

    Even though  I have filmed for 20 years, it wasn’t until I came across the Redneck Tech Podcast that I started trying to tell a story through a camera lens.It would have taken me a lifetime to learn the things I picked up from the podcast. It was a game changer for me to say the least.

    When the opportunity came for me to meet Caleb and the team in person I jumped at the chance. It’s one thing to watch a well produced show on tv but getting the behind the scenes point of view is something every creator should witness.

    Not only did I come away from the class being a better content creator, I came away with numerous friendships that will last a lifetime.I highly recommend this class to anyone that enjoys being in the outdoors with a camera and wants to learn how to make a masterpiece they can share with their friends.

  • Joe Chiarappa | Canton, Ohio

    I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth and more. Caleb, Ryer, Clay, and Keagen stayed as late as we needed them to and never cut anyone short if they needed help or just wanted to hang out. I learned a ton, ate great food and had a blast! 

  • Derek Stoner | Upstate New York

    I just want to start out by saying the guys at Copeland Creative/ Redneck tech our a great group of guys willing to help you better your skills and help you get to where you want to be! I highly recommend if you need help this is the group that’s willing to do it!

  • James Simpson | New York

    I have been to three Redneck Tech classes and I don’t think I have the strength to witness one on instagram and not be there.  Fear of missing out on not just the knowledge, but missing the fun and camaraderie of being around like minded people would kill me. I attended my first Redneck Tech class in the summer of 2021. A month later I was free lancing for Caleb and chasing bugles in Utah. I attended the editing class that next winter and now I’ve quite my lob, moved to Iowa and am doing all of this full time. From a beginner to advanced level this is just an awesome place to be. Just be aware, these guys “aren’t professional” you will feel like you are just hanging out with the guys. You’ll never want to miss another class once you’ve experienced one.--

  • Forrest Wilson | Marietta, GA

    The RTP class was the most fun/informative class I have ever been to. Caleb and his whole crew are amazing at what they do and they are very good at teaching it. There is not a question they will not answer and the amount of knowledge I gained in just a few days far surpassed my expectations. Although there are several people in the class, they take the time to work with every person individually to help you no matter what level of skill or understanding you have coming in. The icing on the cake is the class atmosphere. Everyone is so fun and layed back which makes learning all the information that much easier. I would HIGHLY recommend attending this class if you are ready to take the next step in producing quality outdoor content.

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