95: 5 Things that will make your hunting filming better.

May 26, 2020

94: The Subtle Art of Sponsor Love

May 14, 2020

93: Turkey Season 2020

May 14, 2020

92: All Time Movie List Podcast

May 14, 2020

91: Live Q&A Covid-19 Style

April 19, 2020

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There are a ton of simple things that can improve your filming in the woods but these 5 we think are going to get you further ahead/

1. Establishing Shots
2. Talking in the field
3. Broll
4. Cut aways
5. Transitions from day to day, place to place, hunt to hunt


Sponsors are what make the world go around. They can really help a project but they can also derail one. In this episode we talk about the reason sponsors and shows in the outdoor space are the way that they are as well as ways you can mitigate their impact on your finished product.


A look back at our turkey season in 2020


We like movies, here are the movies we love.


April 19, 2020

We asked you guys for questions and you delievered. On this episdoe Ryer and Caleb answer a ton of listener questions as well as some that come across the Youtube feed as they were live on video. If you want to see the video version go to the link below!



April 10, 2020

In this episode we catch up with our buddy Chris Irwin. Chris recently moved out west to start guiding clients into Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons while also selling his images of the west. We talk extreme weather, coolest animals and some of his favorite images from the fall.


Host: Caleb Copeland @copecreative

Co-Host: Ryer Porter @ryer_porter

Website: www.rednecktechpodcast.com 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmAADgA8iPetpAIdTv05hWg

EP 89: 5 Skills that will make you a better content creator

  1. Know your way around a computer

    1. You would be amazed some of the basic computer functions that folks that want to create content don’t understand.

    2. External Hard drives

      1. Adding and deleting files

      2. Cleaning out trash can

    3. Transferring files

    4. Clearing Cache Files for programs

    5. Uploading files

    6. sharing files

    7. Granting permissions

    8. Backups

    9. Re-formatting

    10. Troubleshooting

  2. Understanding different files, codecs, and extensions

    1. How many files type, codes and/or extensions do we use or run into?

      1. Shit tons.

    2. There can be tons of these but knowing what each is for and what kind of files you can work with and which ones work best for...

Killing turkeys is a lot easier than filming turkeys get killed, that is a fact. In this episode Caleb breaks down exactly how to set up to film birds to get the best footage possible in different situations.

Link to netting: https://www.amazon.com/Ameristep-Leafy-Poncho-Realtree-Camouflage/dp/B00JBTNUTO/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=ameristep+ghille&qid=1585337218&sr=8-1

Host: Caleb Copeland @copecreative
Co-Host: Ryer Porter @ryer_porter
Youtube Here

Podcast Here

March 27, 2020

  1. You use too many transitions

    • 99% of any video/show/movie is “Hard Cut”

    • Transitions should be used for a purpose (Show passage of time, indicate a new scene, create a “feeling” or intended effect

    • Dissolve, Dip to black, 

    • This is why angles and shots are important. Multiple angles and continuity allows for smoother visual shot transitions. 

    • ( Bonus, when cutting try to pay attention to “eye trace”)

  2. You use too many montages

    • Montages are often used as a crutch. 

    • It is much easier to put a bunch of clips together with cool music than it is to craft a story with a good flow and pacing

    • Get enough shots to tell the story visually, then get enough dialogue to tell it verbally,

    • Break up montages with talking/dialogue

    • Montages should also be used purposefully (to show passage of time, progress, growth, to speed through something monotonous, get from place to place)

    • Montages cannot make an audien...

March 13, 2020

I talk to guys all the time that are not happy about how their videos turn out after they are done with them and they reach out to me see why. Here are some reasons why I think your videos suck....

1. You do not know how to properly run your camera with the right settings
    1. Flip it to auto and run and gun (this will never end well0
    2. At the very least learn to run your camera with manual focus but we recommend full manual
2. You do not understand how to frame things
    1. You dont understand how to frame….
        1. People
        2. animals
        3. motion
        4. multiple people
        5. cut aways
        6. emotion
        7. wide shots
        8. tight shots
        9. angles
3. You aren’t producing the talking or getting any talking at all
    1. This is something that a lot of the “bigger” productions dont do well...

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