100: The 10 Commandments of Outdoor Video Production

July 20, 2020

99: Production Class Update and Western Hunting Strategy

July 13, 2020

98: Jamey Shirah on Content and Social Media Trends

July 3, 2020

97: Kyle Scott

June 18, 2020

96: Unguided Outdoors

June 18, 2020

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  1. Know your camera (and all your gear)

    1. Know how to use them

    2. Know their menus and their buttons.

    3. Know where the rings and the functions of the camera are and what they do.

  2. Pre-Production

    1. Do the work on the front end and do some planning

    2. Answer questions you need answers for before you are in the field and cant get them answered or are unprepared for them.

  3. Get The Broll

    1. You can never have enough of this

    2. Get shots that move the story along or explain what is happening.

    3. All the little sponsor clips

    4. Leaves

    5. Gear

    6. etc.

  4. Get the Dialogue

    1. Talking to the camera

    2. Getting the information

    3. Assume the viewer is dumb

    4. Who, what, when, where, why, weather.

  5. Get Transitions

    1. How are we getting from one place to another?

    2. How are days changing?

    3. Are we getting the things we need to move the story from one place or time to another...

In this episode we talk about the latest details on the Production Class as well as we go over some of the things and strategies we have learned when it comes to Western Hunting.


This is a long one folks, we get into all kinds of juicy topics as well as get into some really cool stories and even some life lessons. We were really excited to have Jamey here to give us his perspective on these subjects and we think you will like what he brings to the table.

Podcast Here

Live Youtube Version Here

Kyle Scott is one of my long time friends before I really even got into this business full time. Kyle is a Kentucky boy who likes basketball, but we wont hold that against him. He is now the producer for Wentz Brothers Outdoors. Carson Wentz, the QB for the Philadelphia Eagles and his brother travel all over hunting all kinds of stuff in this series. Kyle knows his stuff and we had an awesome conversation with some old stories that brought back some good memories. Hope you enjoy it.


We catch up with the Unguided Outdoors guys and talk about how they are building their Youtube Channel as well as how they are leveraging their social media platforms to gain traction in the outdoor market.


There are a ton of simple things that can improve your filming in the woods but these 5 we think are going to get you further ahead/

1. Establishing Shots
2. Talking in the field
3. Broll
4. Cut aways
5. Transitions from day to day, place to place, hunt to hunt


Sponsors are what make the world go around. They can really help a project but they can also derail one. In this episode we talk about the reason sponsors and shows in the outdoor space are the way that they are as well as ways you can mitigate their impact on your finished product.


A look back at our turkey season in 2020


We like movies, here are the movies we love.


April 19, 2020

We asked you guys for questions and you delievered. On this episdoe Ryer and Caleb answer a ton of listener questions as well as some that come across the Youtube feed as they were live on video. If you want to see the video version go to the link below!



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