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Redneck Tech Editing Class

Redneck Tech Editing Class

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The fastest way to get a job in this business is learn how to edit. Good editors that understand the nuisance of hunting is a very hard thing to find. Learning to edit is also the best way to improve your shooting abilities. Read below for a breakdown of our editing classes.

Date: TBD

Spots: 10

Location: Copeland Creative Studios in Dahlonega, GA

Skill Level Needed: Beginners to Advanced

What is going to be covered:

  1. Editing Styles
  2. Series Creation
  3. Editing to Music
  4. Editing Process
  5. Footage processing
  6. Logging/organizing
  7. Long Form vs. Short Form
  8. Hiding Edits
  9. Show Pace
  10. Exporting/Codecs/Settings

Good editors in the outdoor industry are far and few between. We also know that learning to edit can be a little intimidating if you have never done it before, but trust us, if us three rednecks can do it, you can too. Come join us for an amazing time, lots of learning and an incredible networking opportunity. 

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