Cache Record

Cache Record

If you listen to the podcast you have heard us talk about Cache record a lot. The reason is it is a feature that comes on some more professional cameras that makes your life so much easier in a hunting situation.

What cache record does is it makes your camera into a "never miss the shot" camera. When you turn on Cache Record mode on your camera it now starts recording all the time but it only saves to the card once you hit record. Not only does it save everything after the record buttin is pressed but depending on how you have the cache reocrd settings set up on your camera it will also record 5,10 or 20 seconds before you hit record too. This is the way you never miss anything as well as never film a bunch of crap you do not need.

The way we use this feature is many fold.

1. We use it when we are trying to get a turkey gobbling on camera. Instead of leaving the camera on record for a long time and wasting card space we can turn on cache record for 5 seconds and wait until we hear the bird gobble in out ear moniotrs and then hit record. We now got the turkey gobble and hopefully a good reaction from our hunter.

2. Bowfishing it is really nice to leave it on 5/10 seconds cache and just have the camera at the ready and listen for someone to say "Fish" then you can point the camera at the fish and then you are ready. No need to loose that audio or the 1-2 seconds it takes for the camera to actually start recording because you already got it.

One downside is it does drain your battery a little faster so just beware of that!


If you have any more questionds on Cache record or anything else let us know.

Caleb/Head Redneck

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