BEST way to carry you Mirrorless, camera and laptop all in one.

BEST way to carry you Mirrorless, camera and laptop all in one.

So there are tons of different hard cases and ways to carry your gear into the field or in the truck on the way to your next shooting location but none of them do what the Nanuk 935 does. This thing checks a lot of boxes for our needs. This case has so many features that you cannot get with other hard cases.

1. It comes with the padded dividers in it that you can customize to your needs. Easy to do and they stay where they are supposed to.

2. It has a place for your laptop in the lid. This is my favorite feature. I always hated having that in my backpack. Too many ways for the laptop to get crushed or tossed when someone things its just a soft backpack. It always made me nervous not having it in a hard case all the time.

3. The pull handle has 2 different heights and the button to raise it is in a good spot where you can do it with one hand and not 2 like the pelican cases.

4. I don't know this for sure but I swear I can fit more stuff in this case than I can my pelican.

As you know we love hard cases and we have tons of them. The reason we run hard cases is because they keep the water and weather out, they keep everything inside them safer than other cases and then finally they can double as a table, seat, or storage area on trips. If you are looking for a great hard case for your smaller camera rig, look no further than the Nanuk 935


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