Best POV camera for bowhunting, in the tree or in the blind

Best POV camera for bowhunting, in the tree or in the blind

If you have listened to any of our podcasts then you know we are no huge fans of GoPro or any of their products. One company we are a huge fan of is DJI. Those boys have got the drone and POV camera gamer figured out in our personal opinion. I think if you are looking to spend money on a POV camera you cannot overlook the DJI Osmo Action. Its is the best POV or second angle camera out there to us for a couple of reasons.

1. Price is great compared to GoPro

2. I know some of the other ones now have this but it has a front facing screen so you can see what the camera is seeing. Simple to use and makes life easy.

3. It just works. GoPros never work like they are supposed to. They would not charge, they would not record like they were supposed to, they corrupted cards, just a nightmare. The DJI Osmo Action just does what its supposed to. It comes on, it records, it doesn't corrupt cards, it holds a charge, just works.

4. Charges and holds the charge, yes I already said that but it needs to be said again. It just works.

5. It has an adapter so you can use all the GoPro mounts you already have. That was smart if you ask me.


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