100: The 10 Commandments of Outdoor Video Production

Know your camera (and all your gear)

  1. Know how to use them

  2. Know their menus and their buttons.

  3. Know where the rings and the functions of the camera are and what they do.

  4. Pre-Production

  5. Do the work on the front end and do some planning

  6. Answer questions you need answers for before you are in the field and cant get them answered or are unprepared for them.

  7. Get The Broll

  8. You can never have enough of this

  9. Get shots that move the story along or explain what is happening.

  10. All the little sponsor clips

  11. Leaves

  12. Gear

  13. etc.

  14. Get the Dialogue

  15. Talking to the camera

  16. Getting the information

  17. Assume the viewer is dumb

  18. Who, what, when, where, why, weather.

  19. Get Transitions

  20. How are we getting from one place to another?

  21. How are days changing?

  22. Are we getting the things we need to move the story from one place or time to another.

  23. Get the Establishing shots

  24. Where are we?

  25. How do we get the viewer inside a place?

  26. How do we get a viewer to a location?

  27. Get the Scenics

  28. What does these add to your story?

  29. What are they?

  30. How do we get them?

  31. Always get the Recreates

  32. The things that happen when the camera cant be on the hunter the whole time

  33. All the little things that make a story move along.

  34. Small details

  35. Tights

  36. Communication

  37. Knowing what is going on

  38. What animal to shoot

  39. When to shoot and when to move.

  40. Be a producer First and A hunter Second (if you want good content)

  41. This is hard to do but like we have said before this is a decision you have to make as to what kind of content you want to create.


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