89: 5 Skills to Make you a Better Content Creator

Host: Caleb Copeland @copecreative

Co-Host: Ryer Porter @ryer_porter

Website: www.rednecktechpodcast.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmAADgA8iPetpAIdTv05hWg

EP 89: 5 Skills that will make you a better content creator

  1. Know your way around a computer

  2. You would be amazed some of the basic computer functions that folks that want to create content don’t understand.

  3. External Hard drives

  4. Adding and deleting files

  5. Cleaning out trash can

  6. Transferring files

  7. Clearing Cache Files for programs

  8. Uploading files

  9. sharing files

  10. Granting permissions

  11. Backups

  12. Re-formatting

  13. Troubleshooting

  14. Understanding different files, codecs, and extensions

  15. How many files type, codes and/or extensions do we use or run into?

  16. Shit tons.

  17. There can be tons of these but knowing what each is for and what kind of files you can work with and which ones work best for certain situations can make life really easy.

  18. Knowing how to convert files is a super important skill as well.

  19. Examples of Files and how they can jack you up.

  20. Having a basic knowledge of graphic design programs

  21. Getting rid of the background on a logo

  22. Making a logo smaller or larger

  23. Chanding colors

  24. Adding text

  25. Cutting things out

  26. These are all essential things that will help you make better content.

  27. Knowing how to use light (natural night)

  28. This is a big one and this is also one that will take practice but the light build will click for you one day and you will understand what is good and bad lighting.

  29. Learn how to shape or move light to where you want or need it (Bounce)

  30. Understand how you camera deals with good and bad light.

  31. Some cameras deal with harsh shadows better than other, for the most part just know the middle of the day looks like crap on camera.

  32. Shoot most of your video in the first hour or light or the last hour of light.

  33. If you have to shoot in the middle of the day find the biggest shaded area you can

  34. Overcast days are great too.

  35. Always have a safety

  36. Learn how to use a safety angle.

  37. What is a safety angle

  38. This is super important if you are filming by yourself or self filming

  39. POV cameras are the best for this.

  40. There are a ton of ways to get creative with these as well.


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