86: 5 Reasons Your Videos Suck (In The Field Edition)

I talk to guys all the time that are not happy about how their videos turn out after they are done with them and they reach out to me see why. Here are some reasons why I think your videos suck....

1. You do not know how to properly run your camera with the right settings 1. Flip it to auto and run and gun (this will never end well0 2. At the very least learn to run your camera with manual focus but we recommend full manual 2. You do not understand how to frame things 1. You dont understand how to frame…. 1. People 2. animals 3. motion 4. multiple people 5. cut aways 6. emotion 7. wide shots 8. tight shots 9. angles 3. You aren’t producing the talking or getting any talking at all 1. This is something that a lot of the “bigger” productions dont do well and it isn’t hard 2. Formulate talking on camera that is conducive to editing 1. Clean starts and stops 2. clean sentences 3. not too long 4. sound bytes are your friend 5. re-create if you have to 6. talk to the camera every chance you get. 4. You don’t pay attention to audio 1. Ambient is important 2. background noise during talking is important 3. Get a wireless mic for the love of God. 4. Monitor your audio for the love of God 5. You are more worried about hunting than filming 1. This will always result in sub par video 2. Filming the hunt and the experience and the weather have to be the forefront of everything you do 3. You have to make a decision on what kind of content you want to get.


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