Episode #30: Filming Turkeys (The Right Way)

Well the turkey tour for me is about to begin, well I guess it already has. I just got back from South Florida for the opener with Darrell Madden and Chris Irwin documenting Darrell's 38th and 39th Grand Slam start. We ran into a few hiccups since Darrell has never filmed any of his hunts so I wanted to use this podcast to go over how to properly set up for filming turkeys for the footage and not the kill. These are two very different things and Darrell soon learned that. Filming a turkey and getting the right footage for a show or film is a lot more involved than just getting one in close enough to kill with a shotgun. There is a process in which you must follow and be committed to or its not going to get you what you are wanting or needing. The set up needs to be the main goal, not just killing a bird. Commit to getting epic footage and dont take anything less. Enjoy.


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