Episode #70: What is Content Creation?

November 18, 2019

Episode #69: Filming Whitetails Deep Dive (On the Road Podcast)

November 13, 2019

Episode #68: The exploration of "Style"

October 18, 2019

Episode #67: Fall So Far.

September 30, 2019

Episode #66: Filming Whitetails

August 22, 2019

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April 24, 2019

Sorry you guys, its been almost a month since my last podcast but it has been a busy spring. Had several turkey hunts happen and been working on edits till now. I asked the other day on IG if you guys had any topics for a podcast and I got several questions/topics to talk about so I tried to hit them all the best I could while winging it. Here ya go!


March 28, 2019

Kyle Scott and I have been friends for a long time now and we came together like so many of my other buddies. We met through filming hunts and trying to make some money at it in the process. Kyle would leave his engineering degree to chase this crazy career and he has not looked back. He recently added a little one at home to the mix so in this episode we see how that has changed things for him in his business.


This guy needs no introduction. If have have had Sportsman or Outdoor Channel in the last 10 years you have seen this guy on your screen. Michael Hunsucker is one of the innovators in the outdoor business. The show Heartland Bowhunter is one of the few shows that changed the way we view and create outdoor tv and content. The show sets the bar higher and higher each year with their opening graphics and continues to have one of the highest rated shows on outdoor TV. In this episode we dive into the behind the scenes/production side of things. Its a good one.


February 25, 2019

I have been getting a ton of questions about various things for the last few months. I figured I would sit down and try and answer most of them here. Over 40 questions get answered so sit back and wait for yours if you asked one.


February 20, 2019

In this episode I get to catch up with some guys I met at ATA this year. These two Illinois boys are listeners of the podcast and check in with me about stuff they are working on and learning often. Homey and Cody are some down to earth dudes that are learning this production thing on the fly but they aren't afraid to try things, fail, and learn. Hope you can learn something from them.


February 11, 2019

This week we have on the man with the plan, Jeff Bigler. Jeff is from Ohio and has recently went out on his own and started a production company where his main client is the Bowmars. If you haven't heard of them, come out from under the rock you are living under. Jeff talks about what he has learned running his own business and what he has learned in terms of production. Also we get to hear the story of a 200+ inch giant that he and his brother were chasing. enjoy.


February 7, 2019

This industry has a lot of competition. It has a lot of young bucks coming up through the ranks creating some awesome content. This makes it more and more important to stay relevant and keep getting better everyday. In this episode I go over some of the ways that I try and challenge myself everyday to get better and stay on top of my game. There are no jedi tricks in this podcast just some easy ways I have found to stay sharp and keep an edge.


January 15, 2019

Just got back home and unpacked from the ATA Show in Louisville over the weekend. Chris Irwin and I went out there to talk some clients and look at adding some more work for 2019. The show was awesome and I got to meet so many of the listeners of the podcast. I also got the chance to go check out the Badlands film festival. I will leave it at that. If you want to know what I thought, listen!


January 2, 2019

2018 was by far our best year in terms of business and life. We were super busy and extremely blessed with new clients a lots of work. With that being said we also learned a ton this year and on this episode I go over all the little things that we feel like we can improve on as well as some of the goals for 2019.


December 13, 2018

Getting a lot of questions on what is going to be covered in the class. I figured the quickest and easiest way to get the class overview to you was to record a quick podcast about it. The class is going to be customized to the people that attend. I will make sure I answer all questions are answered as well as cover all the subject you guys want covered. I guarantee you will leave this class with valuable information you wont get in other classes. This will be like no other class you have ever taken. Class dates are Feb. 22-24 near Nashville, TN. Cost is $500 per man and there are limited slots. To register go to the website and click on the class tab.


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