Meet The Redneck

Yeah that is me in the picture there smiling. It is a really good fake smile since I knew Irwin was taking my picture. I am on a waterfowl hunt in Missouri at the time this picture is taken and if you know me at all you know I absolutely hate filming waterfowl hunts or anything that flies for that matter. I have truly grown to hate it more and more over the last few years but that is a longer story for another time.

I got started in this business almost 10 years ago when I signed my brother up for a contest in Field and Stream Magazine. Long story short he ended up winning, he didn't know I signed him up and he and I went on to film some stuff, some people noticed it then paid me to keep doing it. I went to work for Sub7 for a little over 5 year and I learned a ton from in my opinion the best team in the outdoor TV business. It came time for me to go off on my own and chase some of my own dreams in early 2017 and here we are. This platform of teaching and learning more and more about the content creation process in terms of the outdoor space is what I live and breathe. I hope you came here wanting to learn along with me. 

I am by no means the best, an expert or someone to aspire to but I am someone that has been in a ton of places, met a ton of awesome and not so awesome people, and filmed and edited a few things. I hope we can learn from each other.